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Graduation Ceremony December 2017

Montego Bay Community College's Graduation Ceremony

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All Roads Lead to Hosanna!


“A right turn to numeracy”


 Eleven members of the Montego Bay Community College Math Club took a trip down onto memory lane, by paying visit to the well-known Hosanna Preparatory School. This club initiative served as an avenue to give back to the local community by means of mathematical reinforcement.


Math anxiety is in truth quite existent in our educational systems. This was the basis upon which The Math Club decided to venture out and tackle this stigmatized subject, by returning to the foundation - primary level education. Members of the club were sub-divided into three groups, after which each group was greatly welcomed into the grades four, five and six classrooms. Each group taught the same topic, namely ‘Fractions’, as it was described by the executive body as being a smooth-sailing fundamental topic. The club members had to therefore take steps down from their usual college mathematics in order to impart their knowledge unto the children. They incorporated lively games to enhance their teaching methods and this surely held the attention of the students.

For the fourth graders, it was like a fresh start, as they had only come into contact with the tip of the “fraction-iceberg” in the previous school year. While on the other end, it was obviously just a walk in the park for the advanced fifth and sixth graders.

Club President, Shammitha Pulikanti mentioned, “Being there in the middle of it all brought back wonderful memories from my prep school days.” She also went on further to describe her fifth grade teaching experience as fun-filled and she hopes to do such a project like this again.

Tremendous pressure is consistently placed on the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) readiness and Hosanna Preparatory School certainly promotes great success in this area. This is due to the conducive environment created for learning provided by the educators. Each student has access to a one-on-one relationship with their teacher, who so skillfully administers the workload unto them. The spacious, well-ventilated classrooms, had creative displays of colourful and informative posters, products of students’ “works of art” (projects) and even streams of popular sayings of wisdom relating to school life along the four walls.

Brittaney Grant, math club member who helped in teaching the sixth graders, mentioned that she was at first a bit skeptical and shy about facing the class. She however overcame such feelings as soon as she realized how entertaining it was to teach such eager children.

Alongside Ms. Grant, Tivoun Wilson (Assistant Secretary), was impressed by the sixth graders enthusiasm, “Seeing how enthusiastic they were, was the highlight of my day. I was really impressed by their level of knowledge.”

All in all, the feedbacks received from the staff advisors and club members on their overall experience, generally consisted of expressions of delight and impressiveness. The purpose of the project was indeed fulfilled, as The Math Club provided their service through mathematical knowledge and ultimately strived to break the barrier of “Math Anxiety”.


                                                                                                                        Bethany Blake,

                                                                                                                        Executive Secretary,

                                                                                                                        M.B.C.C Press Club.

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National Champions of the CAP Entrepreneurship Competition

I am pleased to announce that Montego Bay Community College is the National Champions of the CAP Entrepreneurship Competition with our "Eco-Charger and lamp".

We had two entries - "Eco-Charger" and "Shubby Dust Pan". We competed against 24 other teams from all over the island. Students were graded based on their presentation and business plan.

Apart from the National award, other awards won were:

  • Regional 3rd place Winner - Shubby
  • Most Creative Business Idea - Eco-Charger
  • Best Presenter - Noel McDonald (Eco-Charger)
  • Champion Coach - Sonja Madden (Eco-Charger)
  • -Dr. Maureen Nelson, J.P.

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    MBCC honour Jimmy Cliff, Russel Hammond, Hugh Shim

    From left: James 'Jimmy Cliff' Chambers, Russel Hammond and Hugh Shim pose with their framed certificates after they were conferred with Honorary Fellowship of the Montego Bay Community College on Sunday. (Photo: Philp Lemonte)

    ROSE HALL, St James — Veteran reggae ambassador, Dr James Chambers, more popularly known as Jimmy Cliff, was among three people conferred with Honorary Fellowship of the Montego Bay Community College (MBCC) during Sunday's graduation exercise for students of that Montego Bay based-educational facility, held at the Montego Bay Convention Centre.

    The others were Westmoreland businessman Russel Hammond and environmentalist Hugh Shim.

    The trio formed the fifth batch to be awarded as Honorary Fellows by the tertiary institution that opened its doors in September 1975 as an amalgamation of the sixth forms of Cornwall College, Montego Bay High and Mount Alvernia High schools.

    “The Montego Bay Community College is extremely proud to salute them as our fifth set of Honorary Fellows and induct them into our company of Fellows,” Nathan Robb, chairman of the MBCC board declared, ahead of the reading of citations for the three men.

    Principal of the Montego Bay Community College, Dr Maureen Nelson, explained that the Fellowship is reserved for people who have made extraordinary and sustained contribution to the college or western Jamaica, throughout their career.

    She added that the honour is awarded to individuals whose professional career has been marked by the highest standards of ethical conduct, professionalism, civility and collegiality.

    “The Montego Bay Community College is participating today (Sunday) in a practice and custom, a ritual and a celebration, characterised by the educational foundation since medieval times. Today, Montego Bay Community College follows in that pathway to observe one of the historical conventions which we hope will promote and motivate excellence,” Dr Nelson noted.

    “This is an award which is not given lightly, its historic value should be cherished.”

    She noted that the processes which govern the selection have been rigorous and meticulous.

    Dr Chambers, a native of Somerton, St James, was hailed as a cultural icon and musician extraordinaire, who has made an invaluable contribution to the entertainment landscape, both locally and internationally.

    A former politician, Hammond was born in Ramble, Hanover. Known for his spirit of volunteerism and kindness, Hammond in 1974 established Hammond's Pastry in Savanna-la-Mar, and has since impacted the lives of hundreds of persons across the political divide.

    Shim, who was hailed for his long-lasting association with the MBCC, is a founding member of the college hospitality advisory board. He also lectures at the institution on a part-time basis and has been credited for conceptualising a raft of programmes for the college.

    He is also an executive director of the Montego Bay Marine Park.

    And following a few words of appreciation on behalf of the 2017 Fellows, the reggae stalwart broke out in songs such as Many Rivers to Cross, It's been a Hard Road to Travel, My Miss Jamaica and I Can See Clearly Now, much to the delight of the audience.


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    Leadership Workshop - “Empowering Leaders for the 21st Century”


    “Empowering Leaders for the 21st Century”

    The Press Club, Circle K, Rotaract, 4H, Spanish Club, Ecology Club, Badminton Club, Table Tennis Club, Ecology Club, Fitness Club, Red Cross Society, Math Club, Chess Club, Young Accountants Association, UCAM, UCCF are only some of the clubs at the Montego Bay Community College!

    The Montego Bay Community College has a great number of clubs throughout the school, creating a diverse surrounding for students to interact with peers and participate in club activities which may directly or indirectly strengthen their leadership abilities to a certain extent. Whether one is assigned leadership by a position in a club or simply by displaying influential initiative among peers, leaders can be found all over the school's campus. The college currently has over 50 active clubs/societies and the launching and development of new clubs are open to the student body; hence, leadership opportunities abound at The Montego Bay Community College. From positions in the student council to class representatives, peer counselors, club and organization officers, or club executives, there are many ways, both formal and informal, for students to build and share leadership skills.


    The club executives, from all faculties at the Montego Bay Community College as well as some students from the Montego Bay Community College: Frome campus, came together on September 27, 2017, to the Student Leadership Workshop held on the main college's campus. Students were brought together to discuss their strengths and weaknesses associated with the running and maintaining of the clubs and societies. However, the primary goal of the event was to teach them - as current and future leaders, how to maximize the output of the clubs by using proper and efficient leadership skills. Discussions on how to develop leadership skills were explored; some of the major strategies noted were: developing effective communication, encouraging enthusiasm and a sense of belonging, getting to know people, treating others as individuals, accepting responsibility for getting things done and problem solving in a step by step away.


    Next, Mrs. Natalie Parchment-Clarke culminated the workshop with her speech entitled, "Becoming the Ultimate Ambassador (part 1)." She urged students to be mindful of integrity and most importantly- one’s innate, genuine passion. Mrs. Parchment-Clarke reiterated, "Be passionate, whether raw passion or compassionate." She spoke passionately about her involvement in Rotary Clubs and how important it is to not only pinpoint, but go after one’s true passion!


    Mrs. Carol Walters, the Vice Principal of Academics at the college then lead students into a comprehensive session on Proper Protocol and Etiquette. Topics such as the order of introductions in formal situations and appropriate dress codes in certain contexts were both thoroughly discussed. Mr. Peter Salky gave some advice on "Becoming the Ultimate Ambassador (part2)." He explained that leadership is influencing others with or without authority. He stated that, "Leadership is not dictatorship; attributes to not what you say but how you say it !" He believes a good leader must be confident, be able to reach everybody, deals with conflicts, communicate effectively and is always aware. The workshop came to an end after the breakout sessions involving Mr. Rodcliff Roberts, Mr. Ezmond Farquharson, and Sophia McIntosh, who were speakers for separate groups of executives. The individual sessions made the interaction more personal since the groups were small and students were able to actively ask questions and share their opinions.


    It can be agreed that students learned a great deal about how to strengthen their leadership skills. The workshop was thoroughly planned and the guest speakers couldn't have been better! As student leaders, our roles are not taken lightly; it can either enhance or terminate the quality of our school life. We should aim to spread knowledge through inspiration, tutoring, campaigns and so much more. As student leaders, we are striving to change the world, one school at a time!


    Tashian Downer
    Chief Writer, M.B.C.C’S Press Club

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