Entry Requirements:

Successful completion of the CASE A.Sc. Degree in General Agriculture, MBCC A.Sc. Degree in Agricultural Technology. Consideration will be given to candidates with other relevant A.Sc. Degrees from other accredited institutions subject to CASE evaluation. Bridging courses will be necessary for entrants not matriculating using the CASE A.Sc. Degree in General Agriculture programme.

General Courses:

Green House Technology, Writing for Science & Technology, Caribbean Studies; Bioconversion, Plant Physiology, Ornamental Gardening & Landscaping, Research Design & Statistics, Integrated Production Systems Mgmt., Behavioural Psychology, Project Research, Design, Writing & Evaluation of Project/Business Plans and Grant Proposals, Agricultural Extension, International Marketing, Computer Aided Construction in Agriculture, Plant Breeding, Land Surveying, Seed Science & Technology, Post Harvest Technology, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems for Agriculture, Advanced Soil & the Environment and Electives.

Campus & Mode: Montego Bay—Evening
Students are required to complete 240 hours of Work Experience

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