2-Yr MBCC Programme
Entry Requirements:

5 CSEC/CXC subjects Gen. I, II, III or GCE O’ Level– A, B, C, in English Language and 4 other approved subjects. (Students without CXC of GCE Math are required to sit the Foundation Concepts in Mathematics I & II at an additional cost). Alternate forms of matriculation: a) Equivalent qualification (s)
b) Mature status will be considered

General Courses:

Funeral Service Principles, Funeral Service, Law , Regulations & Business Law, Restorative Art & Cosmetology, Introduction to Embalming, Ethics & Critical Thinking in Funeral Services, Funeral Service Pathology, Issues in Grief & Bereavement, Principles of Embalming, Embalming Lab 1, 2 & 3, Funeral Arranging & Directing, Communication 1 & 2, Introduction to Management, Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2, Introduction to Psychology, Applied Mathematics for Funeral Service, Fundamentals of Accounting, Small Business Management, Chemistry for Embalmers, Elective and Fundamentals of Information Technology.

Campus & Mode: Montego Bay—Evening ; Westmoreland—Evening
Students are required to complete 240 hours of Work Experience

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