Entry Requirements:

Successful completion of the Associate Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management or other relevant Associate Degrees issued by the CCCJ. Consideration will be given to candidates with Associate degrees from other accredited institutions subject to the evaluation of the CCCJ. Mature status as determined by the CCCJ.

N.B. Students must have a valid Food Handler’s Permit as part of the eligibility requirement for entry into the programme.

General Courses:

Administrative Communication, Research Methods, Public Relations, Strategic Management, Hospitality Management Accounting, Professionalism and Ethics, Managing Service Organizations, Financial Management I, Caribbean Economic Development, Guest Service Operations, Hospitality Seminar/Research Project, Sustainable Tourism Development II, Tourism & Hospitality Marketing, Hospitality Information Systems, Hospitality Law II

Areas of Specialization:

Campus & Mode: Montego Bay—Day and Evening, Westmoreland—Evening
Students are required to complete 240 hours of Work Experience

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Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management