1-Yr MBCC Programme offered in collaboration with Caribbean Tourism Organization - Caribbean Tourism Learning Systems

Entry Requirements:

3 CSEC/CXC subjects at General Proficiency Level 1, 11, or 111 including English Language. An approved certificate or diploma from an accredited institution. Level 2 Heart NVQ-J Certification. Mature status as determined by the CCCJ

N.B. Students must have a valid Food Handler’s Permit as part of the eligibility requirement for entry into the programme.

General Courses:

Introduction to the Business of Tourism/Hospitality, Food Preparation 1& 2, Sanitation, Safety and Hygiene, English and Communication 1&2, Introduction to Economics, College Mathematics, Quality Customer Care, Applied Information Technology, Food, Science and Nutrition I, Baking Technology I, Menu Planning, Wine and Spirits, Applied Mathematics for Hospitality and Conversational Spanish.

Campus & Mode:Montego Bay—Day

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