Entry Requirements:

5 CSEC/CXC subjects Gen. I, II, III, or GCE O’ Level , A, B, C, including English Language and Mathematics. Consideration will be given to candidates with Level 3 NVQ-J Certification. Mature status as determined by the CCCJ. Persons without a pass in CSEC Mathematics MUST successfully complete Foundation Concepts in Mathematics I and II.

N.B. Students must have a valid Food Handler’s Permit as part of the eligibility requirement for entry into the programme.

General Courses:

Food Preparation 1,2 & 3, Baking Technology 1&2, Sanitation, Hygiene & Safety, Kitchen Organization, Food & Beverage Cost Controls, Food Science & Nutrition, Wines & Spirits, International Cuisine, Accounting, Mathematics and Statistics, Language I, Language Studies, Quality Customer Service, Food and Beverage Service, Butchery Techniques, Menu Planning, Caribbean Studies, English and Communication, Quantity Food Production and Service, Information Technology , Introduction to Hospitality & Food Arts Presentation (Summer Yr. 1). Internship: Students are assigned to work in a hotel two days each week during the 2nd year of the programme.

Campus & Mode: Montego Bay—Day
Students are required to complete 480 hours of Apprenticeship

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Associate Degree in Culinary Arts